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Web Filters Are Totally Useless

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Web filters are no match for the nuance of the human language. With a little innuendo or a good euphemism, it is fairly easy to get around one.

Google Translate Beat Box Meets Slap Bass

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Samples of the old version of Google Translate mixed with some new ones

What a Video Conference Call in Real Life Would Be Like

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A Sequel to "A Conference Call in Real Life" that highlights the blunders of every video conference ever.

What To Do With All Those CDs You Probably Have Laying Around

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For whatever reason, the creator of this contraption had a slew of CDs that burned incorrectly. He also had a cheap angle grinder and the desire to make a big, beautiful mess.

Man Makes A Thrilling Death-Defying GoPro Commercial For His Shitty Office Job

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Screw skydiving and parkour, this man is the real Hero™.

What Email in Real Life Would Be Like

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Email in Real Life

IT Guy – 5.0 The Onshore Remix

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One of the fun parts of IT is the opportunities for travel and everything that comes with it.

Google Fiber launches Dial-Up mode

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The loading bar is a signal to many of us to take care of those little things- like making a cup of coffee, taking that bathroom break or just petting the dog

T-Mobile’s ‘Pets Unleashed’ program gives your furry friends access to high-speed data

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We’re fed up with AT&T’s and Verizon’s human-only approach to wireless. That’s why we’re introducing Pets Unleashed – a new family plan that includes ALL family members, even if they lack opposable thumbs. That’s righ...

Smartbox by Inbox: the mailbox of tomorrow, today

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We’re excited to introduce Smartbox—a better, smarter mailbox that fuses physical mail with everything you love about the electronic kind. Smartbox is currently in field trial—stuck in the ground, in a field—for In...

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