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Lexus Finally Reveals How Hoverboard Actually Works

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From impossible to possible: watch the science behind the Lexus Hoverboard from initial thoughts to final execution. Pushing the boundaries of what is possible, Lexus has created a real-life hoverboard.

Here’s A Video Of Lexus’ Very Real Hoverboard

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Is it real? It's real. Here's the hoverboard that Lexus teased a while back in action.

A Computational Approach for Obstruction-Free Photography

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a unified computational approach for taking photos through reflecting or occluding elements such as windows and fences. Rather than capturing a single image, we instruct the user to take a short image sequence while s...

This Guy Completely Reveals The Truth And Tips Of Learning Coding

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There you go. Here’s the code that will get you past your first technical interview. By the way, don’t ever write things like that.

What To Do With All Those CDs You Probably Have Laying Around

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For whatever reason, the creator of this contraption had a slew of CDs that burned incorrectly. He also had a cheap angle grinder and the desire to make a big, beautiful mess.

A Fascinating Visual Effects Breakdown Of The Battle Of Hardhome

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The Battle of Hardhome in this season of "Game Of Thrones" took forever to film, what with the zillions of extras and all. But what this video focuses on is the incredibly ingenious and complicated VFX used to bring H...

Lexus has created a real, rideable hoverboard

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The Lexus hoverboard represents true engineering innovation and over the coming weeks, we’ll be bringing you regular updates on the progress of this extraordinary project. Follow the conversation using #LexusHover

This is What Siri Should Be Like

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In this video, SoundHound Inc. Founder & CEO, Keyvan Mohajer does examples of voice queries to Hound that show speed and accuracy, and the ability to handle context, detailed criteria, and other examples. Hound can’t ...

Your Hand a Self-Contained Interface Control Using Radar

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Project Soli is developing a new interaction sensor using radar technology. The sensor can track sub-millimeter motions at high speed and accuracy. It fits onto a chip, can be produced at scale and built into small de...

A Self-Folding Origami Robot That Can Walk And Swim

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How this little bot does anything is beyond our capacity for understanding, since it doesn't appear to have any form of locomotion. Just don't put it near acetone!

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